iOS/iPadOS 13.4 Public Beta Beta Release

Apple released a public beta beta version of iOS and iPad OS 13.4 again today, following the release of a developer preview a few days ago. Once the right certificate is installed on the iOS device, the person who has already signed the Apple Beta test program can download the beta beta version of iOS and iPad OS 13.4 via OTA.

iOS/iPadOS 13.4 Public Beta Beta Release

iOS and iPadOS 13.4 introduce some very useful new features and improvements, including a new mail toolbar that separates the reply button from the delete button to prevent users from accidentally deleting emails by accidental touch. A “Shazam It” shortcut has also been added to the shortcut app to identify songs, and carPlay controls have been tweaked for calls and third-party navigation apps.

The detailed updates are as follows:

New mail toolbar

The Mail App has a new design for the toolbar, pulling the distance between the reply icon and the delete icon. Apple put the two buttons together in iOS 13, causing somepeople to accidentally delete emails without replying to them.

iOS/iPadOS 13.4 Public Beta Beta Release

The new design available when viewing e-mail places the reply button on the far right, the delete button on the far left, and the folder and tag icons between them.

iCloud folder sharing

iCloud Folder Share was originally scheduled to go live as a new feature for iOS 13, but it ran into propulsion difficulties during beta testing and was removed. In iOS 13.4, you can finally share it with the iCloud folder so you can share folders in the Files app with others.

iOS/iPadOS 13.4 Public Beta Beta Release

New Memoji stickers

Apple introduced Memoji stickers in iOS 13, a emoji-style sticker that features Memoji and Animoji characters. In iOS 13.4, there are nine new sticker poses to choose from, including shocked expression, hearty face, rolling eyes, and more.

iOS/iPadOS 13.4 Public Beta Beta Release

macOS / iOS / tvOS universal purchase

Apple has introduced new features that allow developers to bundle iOS, tvOS apps and macOS apps together with just one purchase. This change will be convenient for both developers and customers, as iOS and macOS users will be able to purchase cross-platform applications. Developers will also be able to create discounted Mac and iOS bundles for the first time.


CarPlay will have new call controls and third-party navigation controls, iMore’s Rene Ritchie reported.

CarKey API

IOS 13.4 has a new API called CarKey that allows iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock, lock and start compatible cars,media 9to5Mac reported.

Users will be able to use carKey in an NFC-enabled vehicle, while the iPhone or Apple Watch can unlock the car when held nearby. Authentication is not required through the Face ID, and the initial pairing process will be done through the Wallet app.

CarKey can be shared with others, such as family members, and drivers can be invited to access keys on their Apple devices through the Wallet app. Apple is working with a number of automakers to implement the feature in the iOS 13.4 update, according to the code’ logo.

Location services

According to the iOS 13.4 and iPad OS 13.4 update logs, the user’s iPhone or iPad will immediately display an authorization prompt when an app requests always location service authorization for the first time after obtaining authorization to use the app.

It is not clear what the meaning of the change will mean. But some apps that want to always access users’ locations are frustrated by the location service changes Apple introduced in iOS 13 that limit access. Some applications, such as Tile, want to be always accessed to provide full tracking capabilities.

Keyboard Shortcuts on iPad

For iPad, the Photos app has new keyboard shortcuts for searching, searching, and creating albums between tags. In full-screen mode, keyboard shortcuts are also available to delete photos, copy photos, and enter edit mode.

Shazam Shortcuts Action

When you create a shortcut in the Shortcuts app, a new “Shazam It” approach is added.

iOS/iPadOS 13.4 Public Beta Beta Release

iPadOS hardware key remapping

As developer Steve Troughton-Smith points out, there seems to be a new option to remap the hardware keys connected to the iPad’s keyboard.

iOS/iPadOS 13.4 Public Beta Beta Release