Jing xian-dong on blockchain: Ants Financial have solved trust problems in more than 40 scenarios

At the second import fair, Ant Financial Service Chairman and CEO xiandong Jing pointed out that the digital economy is the new momentum, digital technology is fully reshaping productivity and production relations. Referring to the recent fire of blockchain technology, Jing Xiandong stressed that the technical charm of blockchain lies in the establishment of a trust system under the trend of economic digitalization, which is the infrastructure of the digital economy of the future, which will support the high level of synergy among the participants in the digital economy, thus completing the leap from the information Internet to the value Internet.


“Ant F has always focused on three things, the first is to develop innovative technologies to solve the technical bottleneck of blockchain to large-scale commercial applications, the second is to explore the application scenario where blockchain creates real value, and the third is to build an open platform and work with a prosperous ecosystem,” he said. “

Alibaba’s recent financial results show that the number of blockchain patent applications has reached 1005, the world’s first. According to the internal division of labor, Alibaba’s blockchain patents mainly come from the Ant Gold Service blockchain team, which also means that the number of ants blockchain patent applications has been the world’s first for three consecutive years.

Mr. Jing said Ants had applied blockchain to more than 40 scenarios, including cross-border remittances, supply chain finance, judicial certificates and electronic bills. Ant’s financial-grade blockchain network has been able to support 1 billion accounts per day with 1 billion transactions, while achieving 100,000 cross-chain information processing per second, a global leader.

But in the wake of the blockchain fire, he called on the industry to stay awake. He pointed out that we must be alert and guard against all kinds of blockchain-based air coins and pseudo-innovation, just as when even a network line said to be Internet finance. The biggest resistance to the development of blockchain is this kind of scammer, just for the crazy cutting of leeks, like cancer cells, will grow crazy. Only resolutely combat such illegal acts, in order to fake the truth, the original source, so that the true value of blockchain can be emerged.

Regarding the risks and challenges of blockchain, In the past year, Jing Xiandong has repeatedly reminded that at the China Development High-Level Forum in March 2018, Jing Xiandong said that the core value of blockchain lies in the use of technology to create multi-party trust mechanisms, the current blockchain is still hyped concept, in the late 1990s internet bubble period.

In June 2018, the Hong Kong version of Alipay HK launched the world’s first blockchain-based electronic wallet cross-border remittance service, at the launch, Jing Xiandong for Ant Gold service to do blockchain delimitation “three do three do not do”:

And at the World Internet Conference in November 2018, Ant Gold Financial Financial-grade blockchain application platform was selected as “2018 World Internet Leading Science and Technology Achievements”, Jing Xiandong said that ants do not touch virtual coins, our blockchain patent is not related to ICO, he also predicted that in the next year or two, the air coin bubble will burst, The true value of blockchain will emerge.

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