Nissan becomes Japan’s first car company to suspend production due to new crown pneumonia

Nissan Motor Co. will suspend car production at its Kyushu plant due to a shortage of parts caused by an outbreak of the coronavirus,media reported. Nissan has become the first Japanese car company to announce a temporary shutdown of its domestic plants because of the global health crisis. Nissan’s Fukuoka plant in Fukuoka Prefecture will face shutdown on Friday because it is unable to import auto parts from China, Kyodo news agency reported.

Nissan becomes Japan's first car company to suspend production due to new crown pneumonia

In addition, it is reported that a car production line dedicated to export vehicles will also be stopped.

Globally, Nissan is not the first car company to face production problems related to the new coronavirus: Tesla, Hyundai and Kia have all announced shutdowns. These announcements highlight how closely connected, interdependent and vulnerable the automotive industry’s global supply chain is.

In addition to the Kyushu plant shutdown, Nissan is also reportedly planning to reopen four plants in China that had previously been shut down for the Spring Festival.

It is estimated that the shutdown associated with the coronavirus could affect the production of about 3,000 new cars. It is unclear whether Nissan will try to close the production gap when it resumes production.