Iran’s “victory” satellite failed to enter orbit, losing several rocket launches last year.

On February 9, local time, the Victory 1 satellite was launched from the Imam Khomeini Space Port in Semnan province, Iran, aboard an Iranian Phoenix rocket, but the satellite failed to make it into orbit. Ahmad Hosseini, a spokesman for Iran’s defense ministry, said the rocket’s first and second-stage engines were working and the separation was successful. But the Victory satellite failed because the rocket failed to reach the speed required to put the satellite into orbit.

Screenshot of the “Victory” satellite launch site Video

The Phoenix rocket is 27 meters long, weighs 87 tons and has a low-Earth orbit carrying capacity of 350 kg. “Zafar” means “victory”. The Victory satellite, a remote sensing satellite equipped with color photography, was originally planned for oil reserves, minerals, forests and natural disaster surveys and was scheduled to orbit for 18 months.

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, Iran’s minister of information and communications technology, said the domestic satellite cost nearly 2 million euros ($15.278 million).

In 2019, Iran launched three launches. Last January, Iran launched payam, a home-made remote sensing satellite. But the launch also failed because the rocket failed to reach the “necessary speed”. The launch was also launched using the Phoenix rocket.

Last February, Iran launched its home-made remote sensing satellite Doosti, which Iran claims to have successfully entered orbit. But both the Payam and Doosti satellites failed in 2019, ABC reported.

Last August, an Iranian launch vehicle exploded on the launch pad at the Khomeini Space Center for technical reasons, and the Venus 1 satellite to be launched survived after it had not arrived on the launch pad. Another fire at the Khomeini Space Center in February 2019 killed three researchers.

Despite repeated failures in the rocket launch, this has not stopped Iran’s space program. After the victory satellite launch failed, Jahromy admitted the truth on social media and said, “We’re unstoppable!” We have more great Iranian satellites. “