New FDA Report: There is no link between cell phone radiation and cancer

BEIJING, Feb. 11 (Upi) — A new report by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reviews scientific research published over the past 11 years, according tomedia reports. It is still maintained that exposure to radiofrequency radiation on mobile phones does not pose a significant health hazard.

New FDA Report: There is no link between cell phone radiation and cancer


“Existing epidemiological and cancer incidence data continue to support the agency’s previous decision that contact with mobile phones does not have quantifiable adverse health effects on the human body with or below the mobile phone exposure limit,” the report said. “

The discovery coincides with the global expansion of the next generation of 5G communications networks, which have revived decades of concern about the health threat posed by radiofrequency radiation. The report updates a similar finding in 2018, saying there is no hard evidence to support the claim that “mobile radiofrequency radiation causes tumors or cancers.”

The report does not draw 100 per cent. In fact, the FDA continues to urge researchers to continue their research on the effects of mobile phones on humans and to shift the focus from the general population to those prone to cancer.

A study published in 2018 by the National Toxicology Program found that mice exposed to very high levels of electromagnetic radiation cause tumors to build up. But the FDA’s latest report points to flaws in the study, saying the findings remain uncertain and do not apply to humans.

The expansion of 5G networks in places such as Warren, Switzerland, where villages have banned the installation of new 5G mobile base stations and the proposed 5G network requires more base stations than 4G networks, such as closer to users, such as on the side of lampposts and buildings, because of mobile phone radiation.

Major U.S. mobile operators such as Verizon, AT?amp;T, T-Mobile and Sprint are just beginning to build and launch their 5G networks.

Opposition continues in parts of the United States, such as The Mill Valley in California. They have been opposed to the federal government’s 5G network. Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, has made 5G construction a national priority, saying it is illegal for local governments to block the construction of mobile phone networks.