South Korean scientists develop ‘world’s strongest’ robot to play the piano gracefully

Developing robots that can handle everyday tasks with the slight touch of humans is a broad goal for researchers in the field who imagine they can take on new tasks in various industries,media New Atlas reported. Scientists at the Korea Institute of Mechanical Materials have unveiled their latest robot, calling it the “world’s strongest” robot. It has the ability to handle objects three times heavier than its own weight, and can perform detailed tasks such as playing the piano or picking up a water cup.

South Korean scientists develop 'world's strongest' robot to play the piano gracefully

The robot’s design mimics the size and function of a human hand, although it has only four fingers. The drive unit embedded in the palm of the palm controls 12 motors and controls the movement of each finger, with a total of 16 joints. This allows the fingers and joints to move independently of each other. Although the robot himself weighs only 1 kg (2.2 lb), he can catch objects weighing more than 3 kg (6.6 lb).

According to scientists, this makes it lighter, stronger than the commercially available robot, and provides “the world’s heaviest self-grip.” In addition, the team says the design allows the robot to be easily mounted on the robot arm.

South Korean scientists develop 'world's strongest' robot to play the piano gracefully

In addition, the team installed force and tactile sensors on the fingers, fingers and palms of the robot, enabling them to measure and adjust the direction and size of the force when the hand comes into contact with different objects. So the robot is very powerful, such as pouring a glass of water, cutting paper with scissors, picking up eggs, and even playing tracks on the piano.

Dr Hyunmin Do, who led the study, said: “By mimicking the subtle movements of a human hand, we developed a robot to handle a variety of objects, including tools, in everyday life. We expect this to be used as a platform for studying robots and manipulating intelligent crawl algorithms. “