Microsoft has yet to complete the development of a Surface Duo camera

Microsoft plans to launch a Surface Duo dual-screen collapsible mobile device by the end of 2020. However, the latest revelations say Microsoft does not appear to have completed the development of the camera feature. During the early show, we didn’t see any main cameras on the circular device (only the selfie camera). Microsoft’s explanation is that “the quality of a camera doesn’t matter to a productivity device.”

Microsoft has yet to complete the development of a Surface Duo camera

(Instagram via MSPU)

In October last year, Panos Panay, the head of Surface, confirmed that the prototype the company was showing was not yet complete because it was working to create a great camera experience.

Despite some confusion about the company’s development plans, a hiring announcement released on January 15, 2020 points us in a direction.

“The Surface Camera team is recruiting new members and wants interested hardware architects to lead the development of high-performance camera subsystems,” the camera hardware architect/owner said in a post.

Candidates will bring a team that designs, develops and delivers camera modules that meet system and performance requirements with state-of-the-art packaging and actuator technology.

Applicants should have the knowledge and leadership skills of RGB, IR, 3D, and multi-sensor camera systems to work with product teams to develop innovative camera solutions that meet industrial design, mechanical engineering constraints, electromagnetic interference, heat and reliability requirements.

However, from the point of time in which the information was released, Microsoft’s announcement a few months before it went into production did not give us much confidence.