Huawei 5G handset sets new world record: single-user rate of 2.92Gbps

Huawei’s  power in 5G is once again on the line. Recently, Huawei and Turkish Telecom successfully set a new world record by breaking the single user experience rate of 5G smartphones to 2.92Gbps. It is reported that the test is based on the real 5G network environment of Turkish Telecom, and the former also became the first operator (C-Band CA) to test Huawei Mate 20 X 5G mobile phone wireless carrier aggregation technology.


Last month, Huawei and Swiss operator Sunrise joined forces to break through 3.67Gbps for the first time in the multi-user capacity of 5G commercial network smartphones.

Previously, 5G smartphones had a single user experience rate peak of 2Gbps, also achieved by Huawei and Sunrise.

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