Analysts bullish on NVIDIA: will stay ahead of the next generation of graphics

AMD and Intel have recently released Q3 quarterly results, and next week NVIDIA will also release their quarterly results, after NVIDIA due to the problem of encrypted hangovers led to three consecutive quarters of revenue, earnings decline, but this time the results will be different, analysts are optimistic about NVIDIA.


In Q3 results last year, NVIDIA’s share price plunged by half as revenue scuppered in the wake of the collapse in the mine card market, but NVIDIA’s share price has risen 50 percent in 2019 and, although it hasn’t returned to its August 2018 peak of $270, it is now trading at $200.

Rosenblatt analyst Hans Mosesmann, who released a report on NVIDIA on Tuesday, is bullish on NVIDIA’s next performance, raising its target price to $240 from $180.

Hans Mosesmann believes that NVIDIA will remain a long-term leader in the next generation of computing architectures , which, given that NVIDIA has only GPU business, is clearly referring to NVIDIA’s unshakable future GPU competition.

Hans Mosesmann says demand for high-end GPUs is strong, despite mixed performance in the mid- to low-end GPU market.

In addition, Hans Mosesmann noted that demand for NVIDIA will gradually recover in the coming quarter, and that demand for the company’s data center GPUs will remain high in the first half of next year.

From a realistic point of view, NVIDIA’s current 12nm Turing graphics has completed the layout, the recently released GTX 1660 Super, GTX 1650 Super in the mid-to-low-end graphics market competitiveness is also very strong, on the AMD side, 7nm Navi graphics card layout is not complete, RX The 5500 series will not be available until this month, and it does not support light-chasing acceleration.

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