Tesla CEO denies Model 3 carries air suspension

Tesla’s own air suspension sits automatically based on GPS system positioning and the driving environment around the vehicle, to meet the needs of everyday vehicle passability, comfort and driver handling. Currently, the air suspension is only available on Model S/X and Cybertruck models.

Tesla CEO denies Model 3 carries air suspension

Recently, the domestic media found that the Model 3 parts catalog in the update of the leak of the new air suspension plan, combined with the previousmedia filmed a Model 3 equipped with air suspension testing information on the closed track, the new air suspension will soon be mounted on the Model 3.

Just today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk corrected that neither the Model 3 nor the Model Y would carry an air suspension.

In fact, as early as the Model 3 was launched, it was reported that the car was expected to carry air suspension. Musk later denied the claim. Despite the air suspension, Musk again denied it.

In response, some in the industry believe that one of the main reasons Tesla has not introduced air suspension into the Model 3 is that it does not want to narrow the gap with the high-end Model S.