2019 Global SmartPhone display Rankings: BOE takes the first place

According to CINNO Research’s Global SmartPhone display Survey, about 1.86 billion SmartPhone displays were shipped in the global market in 2019, down 2.6% from a year earlier. This is  the third consecutive year of decline in shipments, following  the first drop in global SmartPhone display shipments in 2017,mainly because of the insufficient  stimulus of  the mobile phone  technology innovation on the market demand on one side  , on the other hand, for being ready for 5G new phone, the supply chain focused on controlling 4G old product inventory.


Global SmartPhone display shipments decline year-on-year for third year in a row

China’s SmartPhone display shipments for the first time to account for  more than half of the world

BOE becomes the world’s largest SmartPhone display shipping manufacturer for the first year

Tianma  continues to be the world’s largest LTPS SmartPhone display shipping manufacturer

Global smartphone shipments may fall by more than 2.3% in 2020 as a result of the outbreak

In 2019,  China  display shipments increased by 16.0% YoY, and shipments from Taiwan, Japan and Korea all declined to varying degrees. For the first time, china mainland SmartPhone display shipments reached more than half of the world’s market share, with a global market share of 53.2%.

Statistics of the world’s 18 SmartPhone display manufacturers shipping data, in 2019 Chinese panel manufacturer  BOE shipments for the first time passed over South Korea Samsung display SDC, becoming the world’s largest smart panel manufacturer. The world’s top 10 SmartPhone display manufacturers accounted for 87.8 percent of shipments, respectively,

No.1  BOE,

No.2 Samsung Display SDC,

No.3  Tianma,

No.4  Innolux,

No.5 HannStar,

No.6 CSOT,

No.7 Japan display JDI,

No.8  IVO,

No.9 Century,

No.10 AUO.

2019 Global Smart Panel Rankings Beijing Oriental BOE first super-samsung ranked first

At the same time, Chinese panel manufacturer Tianma  continued to be the world’s largest shipments in the LTPS smartphone panel sector, accounting for 23.3% of the market share.

Affected by the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Wuhan, which began at the end of 2019, the total volume of shipments in mainland China will face greater supply chain and production pressure in the short term. At the same time, China’s smartphone sales may face a decade-low sales level in 2020, the fourth consecutive year of sales declines, influenced by the first quarter of China’s low consumption recession. If the outbreak is effectively controlled by the end of February, CINNO Research estimates that china’s smartphone sales will fall by about 9% to 350 million units in 2020 from a year earlier; Annual sales will be reduced to 300-320 million units. As a result, CINNO Research expects global smartphone panel shipments to continue to face a significant downside risk in 2020, with a decline of more than 2.3%.

The core growth demandpoint of the smartphen  in 2020 will be around 5G products, and in order to promote the sales, further innovation will be made at more specification levels, mainly in the following areas:

1) OLED flexible screen with the continuous expansion of panel factory production capacity, market share will be further increased, while will penetrate into the 400$ mobile phone price segment;

2) Due to the complex structure of the pop-up camera, the application of OLED hole -punching screen will increase rapidly;

3) 5G brought about by the growth of games and streaming media applications, high-frequency screen (90Hz and above) screen technology will be gradually upgraded to mainstream;

4) 5G will bring greater power challenges, battery capacity expansion makes the body need more space, large screen demand is continued to rise, 6.5″ above screen demand will continue to increase;

5) The integrated innovation of the screen will become another important development direction, TFT-LCD off-screen fingerprint technology is the fastest , can be achieved in the first half of 2020 mass production, the camera under the screen will also be equipped with flexible screen.