NVIDIA MX350 notebook graphics card is no longer a horse, but Turing GPU will soon be here

NVIDIAD’s MX150 and Mare Edition MX250 are probably the most successful notebook GPU in the world, without one, and have been loved by the lightweight book over the past few years, with 10W residual blood and 25W full blood versions. This year this series of notebook GPU will continue to upgrade, can now be identified will be launched MX330, MX350 two.

The MX330 is nothing new, essentially determined to be a new vest, continue to use the GP108 core, 14nm Pascal architecture, flow processor increased to 384, memory width 64bit, will replace the current MX250 status.

NVIDIA MX350 notebook graphics card is no longer a horse, but Turing GPU will soon be here

The MX350 graphics card is finally out of the top order, it should use the GP107 core, that is, with the GTX 1050 graphics card homologous, up to 640 CUDA core, than the previous 384 CUDA core significantly increased.

But the MX 350’s TDP is still limited to 25W, and the memory width is also 64bit, so its performance improvement is not obvious compared to the MX250, Lenovo yesterday announced the use of the MX350 graphics card of the small new Air 14 2020 version of the performance test, as follows:

NVIDIA MX350 notebook graphics card is no longer a horse, but Turing GPU will soon be here

In benchmark 3DMARK, Strike Fire and Time Spy tests resulted in 16.7% and 16% performance improvements, respectively, compared to the previous GeForce MX 250.

According to NVIDIA’s established line, the MX350 has a new core, and the performance has also improved by about 20%, in the Huang knife method is simply too conscience, very rare upgrade, but this year’s situation is different, because AMD, Intel both strengthened, THE VEGA CORE PERFORMANCE OF AMD’S RYEON 4000 SERIES NOTEBOOK PROCESSOR SERIES IS STILL OUTSTANDING.

Intel will also have Tiger Lake processors this year, the integrated Gen12 core is used on the Xe architecture, known as floating-point performance doubled, the explosion shows that 1.8TFLOPS performance is still a bit, all reached ps4 host-level performance.

In the case of others to make great strides, NVIDIA even if the introduction of an upgraded version of the MX350 graphics card, I am afraid there is not much luck, performance only 20% of the case is easy to be AMD / Intel two nuclear show dry, then notebook manufacturers do not buy.

This situation doomed the MX350 is likely to become the shortest life of low-power unique, because the latest news that NVIDIA is already preparing a 12nm Turing core successor, not yet called the MX450, code named N18S-G5, based on the TU117 core, similar to the GTX 1650 graphics card specifications.

The N18S-G5 will also have two versions, A and B, and currently do not have a specific name, but will support PCIe 4.0, 64bit bit wide GDDR6 memory, 25W TDP, the difference is the package, N18S-G5-B is 29x29mm, N18S-G5-A is 23x23mm, smaller.

In addition, the N18S-G5-A can be paired with 3.5GHz GDDR5 or 5GHz GDDR6 memory, N18S-G5-B is paired with 5GHz GDDR6 memory, other specifications unknown.

NVIDIA MX350 notebook graphics card is no longer a horse, but Turing GPU will soon be here

The Notebookcheck website summarizes the two core Turing GPUs, as shown above.

According to their sources, Turing Core’s N18S-G5-A and N18S-G5-B graphics cards are primarily used for Intel Tiger Lake processor notebooks, while the MX330 and MX350 will be retained with a 14nm Comet Lake processor and a 10nm Ice Lake processor The notebook of the Lake processor.

As for the time to market, the N18S-G5-A core GPU is expected to be mass-produced in May, and the N18S-G5-B core GPU with GDDR6 memory is expected to be mass-produced in the week of June 8, with the relevant notebook to be released in the second half of 2020.