Guinness World Records: World’s Largest Fireworks Light up the Night Sky

Colorado welcomed what was confirmed to be the largest fireworks ever recorded Saturday night, local time,media reported. It is reported that the firework weighs 2,797 pounds, in its explosion of the moment lit up the night sky. The huge fireworks were set off at the annual winter festival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Guinness World Records: World's Largest Fireworks Light up the Night Sky

The 62-inch projectile was launched from a 26-foot-long engine at the top of The Hill, where it was launched at 300 mph and flew nearly a mile before the explosion.

It is understood the fireworks were developed over a seven-year period by a team led by Tim Borden of Steamboat Springs. In fact, as early as February 10, 2019, Borden tried to break the record, but the 2,500-pound shell was still on fire and exploded.

The new fireworks record is 400 pounds heavier than the previous world record holder.

Christina Conlon of the Guinness Book of World Records witnessed the record, presenting a certificate to Borden and his team and praising their renewed efforts after last year’s failure.