Hyundai and Canoo team to develop ‘skateboard-based EV platform’

Los Angeles-based electric car start-up Canoo has partnered with automaker Hyundai Motor Co. to develop an all-electric platform for future Kia and Hyundai electric vehicles,media slash Gear reported. The company said the platform would be based on Canoo’s own “skateboard” design, which would help lower car prices by simplifying and standardizing development processes. Using Canoo’s “skateboard” architecture, Hyundai also wants to reduce the complexity of its electric vehicle assembly line.

Hyundai and Canoo team to develop 'skateboard-based EV platform'

Unlike modern times, Canoo is not a household name. The company specializes in “unique” electric vehicles available on subscriptions. The idea is that consumers can get access to the car by paying a monthly subscription fee.

Canoo says it has developed a proprietary “skateboard” platform that contains most of the key components of electric vehicles. The design also adds body size to electric vehicles, which the company calls “cost-effective electric vehicle products.” One of the main advantages of the platform is the compatibility of the “skateboard” platform with any body design.

Hyundai and Canoo team to develop 'skateboard-based EV platform'

Under the new agreement, Canoo will help Hyundai develop a “fully scalable all-electric platform” that will be used for everything from small electric vehicles to PBVs for special vehicles. The “skateboard” architecture will be at the heart of the platform, which will help automakers make rapid changes as the market and consumer demand changes.

Albert Bierman, head of research and development at Hyundai Motor Group, expressed appreciation to Canoo for:

We were impressed by the speed and efficiency of Canoo’s development of innovative EV architectures, and canoo became our ideal engineering partner as we transitioned to becoming the future leader in the travel industry. We will work with Canoo engineers to develop a cost-effective modern platform concept that can be automated and ready for large-scale adoption.