How long does the new coronavirus live outside? These knowledge points you have to know

As the hottest person across 2019-2020, 2019-nCoV “new crown” continues to heat up, about its nine-turn, old-fashioned death are the current focus, and whether it is the “old demon” of the king Kong is not bad, or the bluff of the “paper tiger”? We all want to find out what it is in a game of fire and splatter.

How long does the new coronavirus live outside? These knowledge points you have to know

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And recently suddenly found that “new crown pneumonia confirmed cases of confirmed cases of home door handle detection virus” “Shenzhen pneumonia patients feces detection virus” “temperature and humidity suitable for the case of the virus can survive 5 days” case, this goods can survive in vitro for a short time, a time, the people’s rich imagination have been put into the fight against the epidemic.

In order to prevent contact spread, we all spelled …

How long does the new coronavirus live outside? These knowledge points you have to know

The cling film press elevator method (it seems useless, the virus will be on the cling film, unless one for another)

How long does the new coronavirus live outside? These knowledge points you have to know

Paper towels according to the elevator method

How long does the new coronavirus live outside? These knowledge points you have to know

Toothpicks press elevator method

How long does the new coronavirus live outside? These knowledge points you have to know

Pen shell according to elevator method (which seems to be the most practical at present)

How long does the new coronavirus live outside? These knowledge points you have to know

Maximum difficulty factor by elevator posture: high kicking method (this method is extremely unfriendly to other neighbors pressing the elevator, careful use)

Another original paragraph, the new crown virus may be Liu Beiwei:

“The three days of the snookia are impressive. New crown virus, SARS a different, this 17 years of closure really long-term, basically copied Liu Bei’s route: first occupied Jingzhou, continue da Changsha, and then into the West. (First, learned that human influenza is more contagion less deadly, to maximize the spread of transmission; second, pull avian influenza (lake) north-south echo; the night before yesterday, you actually learned to use the earthquake in Chengdu to turn the tiger away from the mountains … )”

How long does the new coronavirus live outside? These knowledge points you have to know

1 The following began to tell the truth correctly: the forehead drop god, the virus outside can also survive, panic!

Remember what we learned in high school: A virus is a small, simple individual, containing only one nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) that must be parasitic in living cells and multiply in a replicated way. So the virus leaves the host cell and becomes a chemical that has no life activity and cannot reproduce itself independently.

What’s DNA? What’s RNA? Silly not clear lying please look at the picture …

How long does the new coronavirus live outside? These knowledge points you have to know

Understand, DNA virus has two chains to rely on each other, relatively tenacious, such as the smallest DNA virus, only 3200 base pairs of hepatitis B virus is also the enemy of human beings.

How long does the new coronavirus live outside? These knowledge points you have to know

RNA virus because there is only one chain, so very casual, wind like “Wild” “how the wind more hard my heart like a trace of dust with the wind free dance.” This randomness is structurally fragile, but it also offers the advantage of wayward variation, such as the RNA virus family’s famous influenza virus at least 144 subtypes, more than double Sun Wukong’s 72.

In a word, RNA virus espresso and low defense, change slot. But the coronavirus is the largest in the RNA family genome (30,000 bases) and is also a battle chicken among the weak chickens.

In the life sciences, the only exception is the exception. In addition to DNA and RNA viruses, there is also a nucleic acid-free virus, the famous virus that can cause mad cow disease. Its attack is powerful, and the defense and other viruses are closer to death (the chance to perform again) …

There seems to be something wrong here, if you die outside the body, how else to spread it?

“No life activity” “dead.”

It’s like a hibernating turtle, it seems to have no vital signs, but as long as the outside temperature and humidity conditions are right, it will recover from hibernation and continue to move.

Must worship, science this esoteric, a do not pay attention to fall into the ditch.

The virus in vitro does not mean “dead”, in the form of sneezing into the body quickly evaporated into a dry droplet nucleus, floating in the air, will continue to survive or “sleep” for a period of time. Wait until the next host is met, and look for opportunities to continue the infection through the mucous membrane.

Now the earth people know that the “new crown” can survive in vitro, but in different in vitro environment, surface, the survival time of the virus is how long ah, this question can not answer

2 How long can it live in different environments? What can be done to kill it?

In fact, we have “new crown” this just debuted when the red fried chicken understanding is not so thorough, can only take the new crown of “close relatives” SARS-CoV as an example to see it.

On the surface of living items:

Recent research in Hong Kong, Japan and Germany shows that, as expected, the SARS virus can survive for 48 hours (2 days) after drying the surface of the object.

Huang Peitang, deputy head of the science and technology research group of the National Anti-SARS Command and vice president of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, pointed out that under indoor conditions, SARS virus can survive for 3 days on the surface of filter paper, cotton, wood, soil, metal, plastic, glass and so on. Without serum culture, the SARS virus can survive for 4 days at 37 degrees C. Heating at 90min or 75oC for 30min can be inactivated.

Research by the University of Frankfurt in Germany shows that the SARS virus can survive for nine days in the state of suspended droplets and for 6 days in dry conditions.

In excreta:

In 2003, the Institute of Microbiological Epidemiology of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences studied the survival and resistance of SARS virus in excreta. In SARS patients, the SARS virus was found to survive in sputum for 3 days, in feces for 4 days, and in urine for at least 10 days.

Studies by a laboratory in Hong Kong have shown that the SARS virus can survive at least two days in feces and at least 24 hours (1 day) in urine. Another laboratory study in Hong Kong showed that patients with diarrhea had lower acidity than normal feces, where the SARS virus could survive for up to four days.

Another study by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences found that the SARS virus, which can be distributed in feces for up to 30 days, was detected in a patient’s saliva, tears, blood, urine and excreta.

Mom, from the above data, may survive 2-30 days, my panic more nowhere to put, it seems that everywhere “hibernate” virus, want to break into my body after the resurgence, swelling do not do

Don’t panic, “detect the virus” “active”!

A few years ago, it was reported that XX viruses had been detected in the Beijing haze, making everyone panic. But you know, the vast majority of the viruses are “viral debris” (incomplete genomes) that are no longer active. Its anthropomorphic expression should be: the haze found a variety of virus dismemberment site: including the Arm of the A virus, B virus legs, C virus one foot …

So, elevator ah, doorknob ah, found that the virus is not necessarily contagious? It can only be said that not necessarily. Because if you want to verify whether there is activity, to do cell infestation experiments in the P3 laboratory, can do such an experiment in the world is also rare, this time estimated to be unable to do. Of course, from a security point of view, would rather be trusted to have, we still do a good job of protection is the most important, and then look down.

3 Don’t panic, our experts give the enemy’s fatal weakness!

Wash your hands frequently, disinfect frequently, and prevent the spread of the virus!

Ning Qin, director of the infection department at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, and Li Lanxuan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told everyone that the new coronavirus was 56 degrees C and died in 30 minutes, and that ether, 75% ethanol, chlorodisinfectant, peroxyacetic acid and chloroform could be effectively inactivated. This is also clearly stated in the National Health And Health Council’s Pneumonia Treatment Programme for New Coronary Virus Infections.

“Hands-washing, frequent disinfection” is the most common word in news, radio and various anti-infection campaigns during this time, reminding us that we need to do so to stop the re-spread of the virus.

So we first wear a mask to prevent droplets from spreading. Be careful of elevator buttons and door knobs and other common contact objects in life, hands do not touch directly, with tissue paper, disinfection paper towels separated, or immediately after contact to wash their hands, go to the toilet to wash their hands, cover their mouths and noses with their hands to wash their hands after sneezing, the home appropriateincrease disinfection frequency.

In the history of human love with pathogenic microorganisms for thousands of years, humans have evolved quite complete defense measures. In addition to the body’s internal immune system, the skin on the surface of the body also has a very strong resistance to viruses. Therefore, even if the skin is exposed to the outside world virus should not worry too much, as long as adhere to frequent hand-washing disinfection, do not allow the infected skin to contact human mucosa tissue (such as eyelid mucosa, nasal mucosa, oral mucous membranes, etc.), can effectively prevent the spread of the virus.

Remember, microbes are the king of the earth, to maintain awe of nature, learn to live in harmony with it.

Thanks to the small partners: Yang Wei, Huang Hui, Yu Nan, Qing Qi. Secrets have been granted, have better advice and progress, remember the message to me ah.

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