Microsoft announces Windows 10X Core Features: Support for UWP/Win32/PWA Applications

On Microsoft 365 Developer Day today, Microsoft officially announced the main features of the Windows 10X system. Windows 10X is an operating system specifically designed for collapsible and dual-screen devices, and the first Surface Neo device with the system is expected to go on sale by the end of the year.

Microsoft announces Windows 10X Core Features: Support for UWP/Win32/PWA Applications

On Developer Day, Microsoft emphasized the following core innovations for Windows 10X systems:

Fast updates

Unlike Windows 10, the upcoming Windows 10X system allows users to update devices faster. The update is installed in the background and the user can complete the entire installation upgrade process in less than 90 seconds.


Windows 10X was built with high security standards, and the entire system is read-only. Of course, applications can access the system, but only through certain APIs. Access through the registry is no longer allowed.


Microsoft claims that Windows 10 will provide continuous performance improvements. Even if the device is in use for several months, the performance of the device is the same as it was at the time of its initial installation.

Applications you expect and trust:

Windows 10X can run all the applications you expect and trust. It will support UWP, Win32, and PWA applications. Microsoft specifically mentions that Windows 10X can install applications in any channel other than the Microsoft Store.

In Windows 10X, all applications run on containers. Running applications on containers ensures that applications do not cover each other and between the operating systems. It also enables application data isolation without changing the application. The new Win32 container enables application compatibility, allowing Windows 10X devices to run all existing 32-bit and 64-bit applications in a fast and secure manner.

There are some limitations to win32 applications on Windows 10X. For example, a startup task does not start when you log on, the background task may hang, and the system tools and utilities will not be able to see content outside the container.

Windows 10X has a simplified Shell Experience. Most Windows features (such as windows, input, boot, drag-and-drop, clipboards, etc.) work as expected. However, some desktop shell features (such as system taskbar widgets, File Explorer add-ons, namespace extensions) and others don’t work on Windows 10X.