Google’s Earth View Gallery adds 1,000 satellite images

The search giant has just added more than 1,000 landscape satellite images to Google Earth View. As can be seen from the company’s blog post, this collection of photos taken from space has covered 2,500 images from around the world with resolutions of up to 4K. It is reported that the company will collect interesting and eye-catching satellite photos from Google Earth, enhance them, and then display them in the Earth View Gallery or Chrome Extension.

Google's Earth View Gallery adds 1,000 satellite images

(Pictured: Earth View, via TheVerge)

As a spin-off of the Google Earth service, which specializes in 3D experiences, Eearth View focuses on the unique perspectiveof satellite and aerial photography. It now contains a set of color maps that can be used through palette controls to expand landscape searches.

Late last year, Google said its Street View and Earth View services covered 98 percent of the world’s homes and had images of more than 36 million miles.

Exploring Earth View (via)

Blog posts point out that the Earth View Gallery was founded a decade ago and its images are popular with users, often used as wallpapers or screensavers, and are part of the Google Earth Voyager Interactive Exhibition (online guide) experience.

Gopal Shah, Google’s Global product manager, said: ‘Since then, the team has been hoping that this interesting little project (and other work) will help people explore this ever-changing and beautiful planet in greater depth.