Foreign media: NASA is recruiting candidates for lunar and Mars programs

February 12 (UPI) — NASA (NASA) announced on Tuesday (February 11) local time that it is preparing to begin recruiting the next generation of astronauts and will accept applications between March 2 and March 31,media CNET reported. NASA says it is taking into account NASA’s future “Artemis” mission to the moon and the subsequent Mars mission.

Media: NASA is recruiting candidates for lunar and Mars programs

Although there are currently 48 astronauts in the crew, more qualified “future astronauts” are needed to carry the spacecraft.

Earlier, NASA Administrator Jim Bradenstein said in a statement: “We are about to send the first female astronaut and the next male astronaut to the moon by 2024.” “

According to the release, NASA only considers people with U.S. citizenship who have master’s degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). In addition, applicants need two years of relevant experience or at least a cumulative aircraft flying for more than 1000 hours.

Specifically, NASA also requires applicants to meet the following criteria: applicants with two years of relevant work experience for a STEM ph.d., applicants for a Ph.D. in medical or orthopaedic medicine, and applicants who complete a test flight school course by June 2021.

In addition, as part of the assessment, applicants must undergo a two-hour online assessment. Candidates will then be required to pass NASA’s long-term space physical examination.

In response, NASA said, the “Artemis generation” astronauts can live and work on the International Space Station in a commercial manned space program spacecraft, or take off in a new space launch system rocket and Orion spacecraft, to the planned lunar “gateway” space station and then landing on the moon. Those experiences will also pave the way for astronauts to travel to Mars after 2030, and NASA will select candidates for the Mars program in mid-2021.