Tesla builds battery core production line to develop itself

Tesla will build a pilot battery-core production line at its fremont-based plant, where the company will design its own battery-core production facility, according tomedia reports. For months, there have been rumors that Tesla is developing its own battery core for electric cars.

Tesla builds battery core production line to develop itself

Tesla first acquired Maxwell, a maker of supercapacitors with some of its battery-core technology, and then at its shareholder meeting, the company hinted that it might start producing its own. Now, a job posting by Tesla is further confirming Tesla’s plan. The company released the post named “Pilot Line Engineer, Battery Core Engineering.”

Not long ago, Tesla acquired hibar, a company that specializes in making battery-cell manufacturing equipment.

Currently, the battery cores used by Tesla are purchased from Panasonic, and these Japanese-made batteries are used on Model S and Model X models. In addition, they have partnered with Panasonic to produce battery cells at their super plant in Nevada, which are used on Model 3 models.

Tesla has been involved in the design of the battery cells to assemble them, but the company has never produced them of its own. That means Tesla’s production line will be a new experience for the company.

The company has previously confirmed that its super plant near Berlin also plans to produce battery cells in the future, but it is unclear whether they will work with other manufacturers or make them themselves.