NASA’s “Sweepb Challenge” detonates social media

The so-called NASA Broom Challenge has burst into the network over the past two days, with social media users sharing photos and videos of ordinary family brooms that appear to stand without any support, according tomedia CNET. And the challenge seems to begin with a tweet that states, “NASA says that because of the gravity of the earth, today is the only day that makes the ‘broom’ trick work… I didn’t believe it at first, but my God! “

NASA later clarified, however, that the agency had never said such a thing before. In a nine-second video posted tuesday on NASA’s official Twitter account, astronaut Alvin Drew and scientist Sarah Noble respond to the “broom challenge”, suggesting that it’s a simple gravity that can be raised every day.

“Did you challenge the broom yesterday?” Noble asked. “As it turns out, you can do it again today. Drew responded: “It’s just a matter of physics. “

The Kennedy Space Center’s Twitter account warned: “Don’t challenge the broom. In fact, its center of gravity is low either, allowing the broom to maintain the balance of its bristles today and on any day. “

Still, Twitter users didn’t seem to heed NASA’s clarification tweets.

In addition to science, Monday’s Broom Challenge did produce some impressive videos and photos. One Twitter user managed to set up three brooms, a knife and a crutch at a time.

Even the NBC comedy “Superstore” has adopted this challenge. The show’s Twitter feed said: “Cloud 9 likes challenges. “

For Harry Potter fans, the “broom challenge” means something else.