Nokia Smart TV to be first available in India: Flipkart will become an authorized reseller

Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce company, announced a strategic partnership with Nokia and will soon launch its smart TV products in the Indian market, revealing that Flipkart will sell Nokia-branded smart TVs in the country. Under this partnership, Flipkart will manage the marketing strategy for Nokia-branded smart TVs and will also be involved in the manufacture and distribution of smart TVs, similar to the model they currently partner with Motorola, which recently launched the Flipkart smart TV series in India.

诺基亚智能电视即将在印度市场率先上市 Flipkart将成为授权经销商

It also means that Nokia Smart TV is coming soon, the company revealed that the new product will be built into the new JBL audio solution, the upcoming smart TV will be the first to adopt JBL new sound system products.

Flipkart says poor sound quality has been a major complaint for Indian consumers about buying tVs, and the company hopes to address the problem with Nokia-branded smart TVs. The company’s press release did not say when Nokia-branded smart TVs would be released on the Flipkart e-commerce platform, and there was no word on what they would look like or the expected price in India.

“We are delighted that Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce company, has brought its first Nokia-branded smart TV to India. Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in a new category for the Nokia brand. Our brands are more reliable in terms of quality, design and reliability in a competitive environment in the Indian market. Flipkart’s knowledge of the needs and behaviour of Indian consumers and its impact will make Nokia’s smart TVs easy to use and affordable. Vipul Mehrotra, vice president of brand partnerships at Nokia, said.

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