Galaxy S20 Ultra: Space Zoom impressive

At Tuesday’s Unpacked launch, Samsung officially introduced us to the exact configuration and functionality of the Galaxy S20 Ultra flagship smartphone. TechAdvisor gets the first time on the phone, and has a groping and demonstration of the machine’s Space Zoom hybrid zoom feature, which interested friends may want to click to watch.

Galaxy S20 Ultra: Space Zoom impressive

(From: TechAdvisor, via MSPU)

In recent years, the camera has become an important part of protecting the user experience of smartphones, and the samsung Galaxy S20 series is no exception.

As the pinnacle of the “Three Swordsmen”, the Galaxy S20 Ultra adopts the strategy of hard and soft collection.

Not only is it equipped with a 108-megapixel main sensor, but it also uses artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to deliver stunning image quality.

“With the incredible AI-driven camera, you can capture all sorts of moments and connect seamlessly with the people you love,” says TM Roh, President of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Business.

Galaxy S20 Ultra – 100x Space Zoom first look (via)

With the larger image sensors on the Galaxy S20 Series smart machine, it not only significantly improves camera resolution (clearer image detail), but also provides greater flexibility for editing, cropping, and scaling operations.

Nine-pixel aggregation technology: The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 108 million master, which absorbs more light in low-light conditions (dynamically switching to 12MP mode), resulting in more guaranteed image quality.

Groundbreaking Space Zoom hybrid zoom features: AI-based optical and digital zoom allows the Galaxy S20/S20 Plus model to support up to 30X zoom.

Galaxy S20 Ultra: Space Zoom impressive

Revolutionary folding lens design: The S20 Ultra model supports 100X Super Zoom. With AI’s added holding, it reduces picture quality loss at high-octane zoom, resulting in unprecedented clarity of view.

Single Take Shooting Mode: Thanks to The Actual Focus, Crop, Ultra Wide Angle, and more features of AI Plus, the Galaxy S20 captures more moments (photos and videos).

Super Steady video stabilization: The Galaxy S20 supports excellent 8K video recording with features such as roll-over stability and AI motion analysis compensation.