A number of Internet companies are seeking low-interest loans, some of which are used to fight the epidemic.

On February 12th, Reuters reported exclusively that more than 300 Chinese companies were seeking bank loans totalling at least $8.2 billion (about 57.4 billion yuan). Among them, the list includes the United States, Xiaomi, Drip, 360 and other well-known Internet companies. Xiaomi is seeking a Rmb5bn loan to produce and sell medical equipment, including masks and thermometers, according to the list.

A number of Internet companies are seeking low-interest loans, some of which are used to fight the epidemic.

The editor Sohu Technology Ma Wenxuan

Meituan Dianping正在寻求40亿元人民币,部分用于资助疫情最严重的武汉,为医务人员提供免费食品和配送。

Qihoo 360 is seeking 1 billion yuan to buy medical-related products and provide financial support for applications to track and contain viruses.

The mirror has applied for Rmb100m in technology development funding, including an increase in the recognition of people wearing masks.

Didi Chuxing sought a loan of 50 million yuan because he was “seriously affected by the outbreak of the virus”.

Sohu Technology immediately to the above-mentioned companies, drip, 360, view did not respond; the United States group did not comment on the report; Xiaomi employees said that the internal did not receive notice, can not get accurate information.

In addition to the above-mentioned companies, the list includes vegetable market operators, ambulance manufacturers, environmental companies and other companies that play a key role in maintaining food supplies and containing the outbreak.

Prior to January 31st, the People’s Bank of China issued a notice to arrange 300 billion yuan of special re-loans to support financial institutions to provide preferential interest rate loans to key enterprises in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and on February 9, Liu Guoqiang, deputy governor of the Central Bank, announced the issuance of special re-loans to nine major national banks and 10 local corporate banks in key provinces and cities. To ensure that funds are used for disaster relief and emergency production and business activities of key enterprises.