The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

Home isolation boring to the head will grow grass on the Nth day upstairs people’s home with children to play Switch, downstairs aunt enjoy hi songs play family KTV, only me, boredly looking at the circle of friends everyone, poking brooms on the ground …

The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

I have to say that this rumor is very emotional to me,

1, a date that never had this shop after this village

2, a gimmick that looks attractive enough

3, a casual can get hands on the seemingly ordinary but seems to have ‘magic’ props.

February 11 is a special day, and NASA has said that the Earth’s gravity is minimal, so brooms can stand up.

The form of the above sentence is very free, time also has a variety of versions. But just as when we were young, we made up famous quotes that occasionally made up famous quotes to seem deep in our own, and we didn’t seem to grow up, we weren’t holy warriors, and the same trick could easily beat us twice.

Seemingly common brooms with the amazing magic of old and young salty, quickly swept through our circle of friends… Although this content is very much like ‘urban legend’, but after all, broom can really stand up, which is enough to provide everyone with the power to copy and forward, small editor I can’t help but fart to pick up the broom to try it.

The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

Would you like to score? 10 out of 10

Watching everyone play so hot, NASA can’t sit down and prove its innocence. Here’s what it looks like

Astronaut Alvin Drew and scientist Sarah Noble have publicly responded to the broom challenge by showing that the basic physics of broom standing is actually established every day, not just on February 10th (the mini-editor adds: and not just February 11th).

The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

You guys, don’t try to have a…

If we open a calendar, we can see that in fact, 20200211 this day is nothing special, neither any special throttle, nor everyone before the blow of 20200202 this kind of reply, even a prime number is not (20200211 s 19 x 29 x 61 x 601) 。

We still put the topic back on the broom, can put the broom on the hold, in fact, the problem is mainly on the broom. About what balance is, this topic physically I can talk to you for a year. The broom can hold steady because this is the most common force balance in mechanics – an object can maintain its current state of motion as long as it is subjected to zero force. In the balance, can be further classified, according to the system in the balance state of the external response to different, we divide the balance into stable balance, unstable balance and casual balance of the three categories.

The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

From left to right, stable balance, unstable balance and on-the-go balance.

The stable balance can still return to its original equilibrium position after being disturbed, the unstable balance is amplified by the disturbance, thus accelerating the deviation from the equilibrium position, and the balance is balanced whenever it happens. Like the little sister who never fell before the fire, it is in fact typical of a stable balance.

The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

With a little teasing of the non-downing, you can easily return to where it was.

The ideal balance curve is a mountain, valley, or plain, but reality tends to twist and turn. How do you tell what kind of balance a system is? In fact, we still have to see where its center of gravity is. If an object’s center of gravity falls on its support surface, i.e. within the geometry of the outermost support point, it is naturally a stable balance.

The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

This chair is a typical stable balance.

Nature can be long-lived in general is a stable balance, broom is also. Although it seems that the broom has a lot of weight on the handle, but in fact, most of them are still contracted by the hard hair below. It is precisely because most of the broom quality is concentrated in the broom head, the center of gravity position is very close to the broom head, so long as the broom to the flat ground, so that the broom bristle can open a certain angle, broom can naturally stand.

If you’re wondering where the broom’s center of gravity is, try a very simple little experiment that uses our hands to measure the center of gravity of an object. For example, we want to know the center of gravity of a broom, which can be placed in the mouth of our palms. Wait until we put the broom to stabilize, let the distance between the two hands slowly become smaller, slowly close. Remember, we need to keep the broom stable in the process. By the time our palms touch each other, this position is where the broom’s center of gravity is located.

The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

There are many ways to measure the center of gravity, such as lead-down. Strictly speaking, the above method to obtain the conclusion is the center of gravity in the palm of the plane, need to be in multiple directions to do the above steps in order to really determine the center of gravity position.

If you make a mark at the center of gravity, we can see that it falls right and steadily in the range of the broom mane below, so it is a stable balance.

In fact, there are many tricks about the center of gravity, a can of drink to only about one-third, in fact, you can tilt the beverage bottle up.

The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

Home has ready-made beverage bottles, you can directly add water to try, poke pictures to understand the details

And related content is also particularly prone to shock, such as “Shock! A ruler and a hammer can challenge the basic laws of physics! 》。 But in fact, analysis can be known, the right side of the system is much heavier, most of the quality is concentrated in the hammer head, so the whole system is actually a bit of a complex hook, naturally can be stable hook on the edge of the table.

The so-called ‘everything can stand’, in addition to brooms, there have been similar legends of such eggs.

The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

It is said that on the day of the spring equinox, the relative position of the earth and the sun is very special, making the eggs more balanced and thus easier to stand up.

I don’t know if it’s because everyone has been home fat for three pounds recently, so when writing rumors, all hope that the earth’s gravity will weaken, brooms can get better. I must rightly rule out the gravitational elements of the broom process completely (by the way you face reality).

We all know that the earth revolves around the sun, the moon revolves around the earth, and these two stars have almost the greatest impact on the Earth, and the most important effect on the gravity of objects on the ground. The way we affect is the tides we see every day. It can be undertaken to know simply that, at the same location, gravity can vary in gravity at different times due to periodic tide levels, up to a maximum of 3 x 10-6 m/s2 per day.

The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

A map of the tides caused by the moon

In terms of the size of the impact, the impact of tides on your weight measurement is basically sixth or seventh after a few decimal points, the impact on daily life is minimal, the tidal on the broom, the effect of eggs, such as this kind of thing, can be completely negligible. Of course, the effects of this change can be felt if the most accurate measurement of gravity acceleration is used, and even particle experiments in the accelerators of the European Nuclear Center are slightly different when the tides rise and fall every day.

Although changes in the gravitational field have little effect on us from the boredom of the broom, in order to study environmental factors such as changes in the density of the earth’s medium and solid Earth tides, internal heat currents, mass exchange between solids and liquids, surface loads and seismic tectonic movements, and even to modify the orbits of satellites and aircraft flying in the sky. Scientists have put a lot of effort into accurately measuring how the Earth’s gravity changes every day.

For example, the change of gravity can let everyone go to prospect, last year’s April Fool’s Day, the major schools of the Department of Education’s web pages have been pranked.

The broom you put up yesterday, and it really startled NASA.

Over the years, the Physics Experimental Teaching Center has continuously received feedback from students on the basic physics experiment of ‘single-swing gravity acceleration’, which mainly reflects that the problem is that the experimental measurement data are significantly largecompared compared with local theoretical values.

Of course, it’s also a rumor.