$165 million! Bezos buys one of L.A.’s most expensive mansions

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, has just bought the most expensive property in Los Angeles from another billionaire, David Geffen, for $165 million, according tomedia. The nine-acre Warner Manor in Beverly Hills. That’s another big sum of money that Bezos spent outside of the Boeing 747. Bezos also bought several apartments in New York earlier this year for $80 million. In terms of the cost of the property, $165 million is just one-eighth of Bezos’s $131.9 billion net worth.

$165 million! Bezos buys one of L.A.'s most expensive mansions

Designed in the 1930s for Jack Warner, the former president of Warner Bros., it took 10 years to build a terrace, guest house, tennis court and golf course – a luxury home.

It’s hard to imagine how rich the richest man on earth really is. They can spend their monthly interest on assets, such as airplanes and islands. Not long ago, however, Bezos’s Amazon was subjected to stormy criticism for its pre-tax profit of $11 billion in 2018 and federal income tax of $0; this year, Amazon will pay $162 million for $13.3 billion in profits – an effective tax rate as low as 0.012 percent. (Wind)