Fossil releases new hybrid smartwatch with physical pin and bright display

Fossil has released a new hybrid smartwatch, hybrid Hybrid HR, that combines physical pins with circular low-power, always-on displays. The $195 Fossil HR has a monochrome display that displays information that users typically want to see on a smartwatch, including activity tracking, weather information and app notifications, as well as energy-saving features that keep the watch’s battery life up for about two weeks.

Back in September, when Fossil HR-related information was leaked, there was speculation that it was using secret smartwatch technology, which Google paid Fossil $40 million for earlier this year. However, Fossil said the watch had nothing to do with the deal. A fossil spokesman said fossil technology, which was sold to Google earlier this year, had nothing to do with the release of Fossil Hybrid HR.

This time, with a monochrome screen, the Fossil Hybrid HR should be able to provide users with more information. It doesn’t have full Wear OS smartwatch features, and Fossil says it runs on an in-house-developed Hybrid HR platform, but can display steps, heart rate, weather information and notification previews.

Fossil also says the smartwatch can control music playback and make calls, and its 55mAh battery can charge up to 100 percent in 60 minutes. However, Fossil Hybrid HR does not support GPS or Google Pay. Fossil Hybrid HR goes on sale today.

Fossil发布新型混合智能手表 具有物理表针和常亮显示屏

Fossil发布新型混合智能手表 具有物理表针和常亮显示屏

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