HTC’s revenue plunged 50% in October, with phone shipments down to 100,000 units

HTC today released its October revenue report, which said consolidated revenue for the month was T$656 million, or 151 million yuan, down 49.84 percent from a year earlier, down 48.58 percent from a year earlier, and falling below T$1 billion for the sixth time in the year. October is the peak season for the electronics industry, known as the gold and silver ten, other manufacturers in October are big sellers, but HTC’s performance is clearly still continuing to decline. With revenue of 150 million yuan, even if it’s all smartphones, the average price is 1,500 yuan, which means HTC’s handset shipments in October will be just 100,000 units.

10月HTC营收暴跌50% 手机出货量低于10万台

But in fact, it will only be lower, because HTC’s products now have VR helmets and so on, the price is much higher than mobile phones, calculated that in October HTC sold the phone is just tens of thousands of units, such sales have no sense of existence, the world’s top annual sales of manufacturers, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, such as sales of 100 million companies under the 100 million The average number of phones sold each day is also 300,000.

It is clear that HTC’s smartphone business is on the brink of a move away from rumours that HTC has abandoned its handset business, but new CEO Yves Maitres says HTC will not give up and will focus on developing 5G handsets in the future, both in the higher-value-growing market. In other words, HTC’s smartphones will focus on high-end products in the future, targeting wealthier high-end players.

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