Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned China to help repair: experts sent by 2020

During French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to China, the two sides reached a series of cooperation agreements, including the Cooperation between the State Administration of Cultural Relics and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and China will send antiquities experts to help repair Notre Dame Cathedral. According to the cooperation agreement between the two sides, China and France will determine the theme, mode and Chinese expert selection of Notre Dame conservation and restoration cooperation in 2020, and select Chinese experts and French teams to participate in the site restoration work as soon as possible.

法国巴黎圣母院被烧毁 中国将协助修复:最快2020年派专家

Notre Dame Cathedral is a church building in the heart of Paris, France, on the island of Siddi, and is also the epitoquire of the Catholic Paris Diocese. Built from about 1163 to 1250, Notre Dame is a Gothic architectural form and is a very important representative of the Gothic church complex in the French island. Founded in 1163 and decided by the Archbishop of Paris, Maurice de Sully, the entire church was built in 1345 and lasted more than 180 years, with a frontal twin towers of about 69 meters high and the rear tower about 90 meters.

On April 16 this year, Notre Dame was once again in a surprise accident, destroying most of the roof spout sands and devouring the spire of the iconic building, but the altar and cross of Notre Dame survived the fire and some of its precious artifacts, including the crown of thorns, were rescued.

On April 16th, after the 800-year-old monument was burned down, French President Emmanuel Macron said” that “we will rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral, although it may take years.” He also announced that from the next day, the launch of nationwide crowdfunding, and crowdfunding is not limited to national boundaries.

France’s rich and many of the world’s richest people, companies announced donations to repair Notre Dame Cathedral, French President Emmanuel Macron said it will be repaired in five years, and “we will be in five years to restore the cathedral more beautiful.”

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