Microsoft unveils new logo for Skype

Microsoft Skype has made several design changes in the past, and Microsoft today officially announced the latest version of Skype’s logo. Recently, the Office brand’s icons have changed to work, and this practice has begun to extend to Microsoft’s peripheral products. With the new Skype logo, Microsoft has made subtle changes to the iconic Skype blue, and you’ll see how the Metro-style logo translates to a Fluent design.

The new logo is part of the Office 365 service icon upgrade program. “Well-designed product logos can live on tradition and embrace the future,” Microsoft said in an article about the new logo. ”

Announcing the new logo, the Skype team mentioned that their vision for the service remains the same: connecting you to the most important people in life and work.

微软为Skype推出新徽标 跟随Office走向Fluent设计风格微软为Skype推出新徽标 跟随Office走向Fluent设计风格

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