WHO: Welcome son to China in developing new coronavirus “scientific roadmap”

According to Xinhua News Agency, the two-day Global Forum on Research and Innovation of New Coronary Viruss opened in Geneva, Switzerland, on February 11. Several Officials and experts of the World Health Organization said on the same day that they welcome chinese researchers to participate in the development of a “scientific research road map” for the new coronavirus, and look forward to them playing an important role in this process.

One of the goals of the Global Research and Innovation Forum on New Coronary Viruses, organized jointly by WHO and the Global Cooperation organization for Research and Prevention of Infectious Diseases, aims to achieve a “scientific research roadmap” to coordinate global scientific efforts, identify research priorities for the response to new coronaviruses, discuss diagnostic solutions and promote the development of vaccines.

WHO Director-General Tan Desai said at a press conference held at WHO headquarters on the same day in response to Questions from Xinhua News Agency reporters that China’s response to the outbreak has a lot of “one-handed experience” and expects Chinese researchers to play an important role in the development of a “scientific road map”.

Mary-Paul, Assistant Director-General of WHO and Co-Chair of the Forum, said: “I’m not sedating. “Chinese researchers have been involved in this discussion,” Keeney said. We hope that they will continue to be involved in the process of designing and defining the ‘road map’. “

WHO Chief Scientist Sumia S. Swaminathan said that two doctors from the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention participated in the forum online that morning and shared the relevant data, introducing the relevant research that has been launched in China. “The majority of cases are concentrated in China, so the involvement of Chinese scientists, doctors and researchers is very important,” she stressed. “

The discussion of this forum focused on the virus characteristics of new coronaviruses, epidemiological investigation of viral transmission, clinical treatment, drug research and development, vaccine candidates, scientific research ethics and other aspects. More than 400 scientists, representatives of relevant countries and regions, representatives of public health institutions, ethicists, and representatives of major scientific donors participated in the forum on-site and online. (Ling Xin Chen Jun-man)