Foreign media say SpaceX’s hiring of nasa’s former space chief is far-reaching

U.S. space exploration technology company SpaceX is preparing for its historic first manned space flight,media reported, and SpaceX is understood to have set a date for its first manned flight on May 7 this year.

To keep the missions safe, Us media CNBC revealed that William Gerstenmaier, a former head of NASA’s manned space program, has joined SpaceX to defend its project. Already working at the company’s headquarters in California, USA.

Media say SpaceX's hiring of nasa's former space chief is far-reaching

William Gerstenmaier is known to be a respected expert in the field of spaceflight, especially in the field of manned spaceflight has a wealth of experience. Prior to that, William Gerstenmaier had worked at NASA for 40 years, participating in major projects in human space history, from the space shuttle to the International Space Station.

Media point out that there are few experts in the world with such extensive experience in manned spaceflight, making him a key member of SpaceX, which is preparing to launch a manned space program.

According to sources, William Gerstenmaier will report to Hans Koenigsmann, the company’s vice president of mission assurance, as the manned mission is onthethes. In terms of specific work, William Gerstenmaier can play a role in the safety of the spacecraft in addition to being able to contribute to mission safety. In addition, william Gerstenmaier’s deep understanding of how to build alliances in the exploration of space will also help SpaceX advance cooperation on major space programs at critical times.

Earlier, SpaceX released a two-minute simulation video that depicts the Falcon 9 carrying crew son-in-flight shipping astronauts to the International Space Station for the first time. The video highlights the astronauts aboard the capsule, the countdown to launch and the separation of the Falcon 9 rocket from the U.S. space station.