University of England president: ‘Advanced extraterrestrial life’ likely on Ganymede

According to a recent statement, Monica Grady, president of Liverpool Hope University, said there was a high-level extraterrestrial life on Jupiter’s moon Europa, according tomedia reports. “If there’s something on Mars, it’s probably very small bacteria, ” she said. “But I think we’re more likely to find slightly more advanced life forms on Ganymede, perhaps similar to octopus intelligence.” “

Original title: University of England president: “Advanced Extraterrestrial Life” is likely to exist on Ganymede

University of England president: 'Advanced extraterrestrial life' likely on Ganymede


On Jupiter’s cold moons, the hard ice crust is 24 kilometers thick, and its creatures may live in a glacier ocean, Grady said. Although it sounds like a sky-out, she’s not making it up out of thin air. Scientists have long wondered whether there are these deep underground oceans on Ganymede, which may contain more water than Earth and may be alive.

In another scientific report, scientists observed Europa by detecting strong water vapor signals on its surface. This is one of the most direct evidence sons of liquid water on Europa.

University of England president: 'Advanced extraterrestrial life' likely on Ganymede

Ganymede Europa

NASA announced last August that it was finalizing the design of a spacecraft called Europa Clipper, which will eventually travel to Europa to look for signs of life.

As for the existence of other human-like aliens in our solar system, Grady is not optimistic. “I’m pretty sure that in this planetary system, the creatures that can reach our intelligence are all on Earth, ” she said. “Even if there are octopuses in Europa, there is no threat to our planet. “