Three former Google engineers set up new company to restart book-keeping robot Bookbot project

While Google’s portfolio is not as dazzling as self-driving cars, the book-based robot Bookbot is popular with Google’s nearby libraries and readers. But like many of Google’s products, it closed in June last year just four months after it went live. Three former Google engineers have set up a new company called Cartken to restart the project from Google Graves,media outlet TechCrunch reported.

Three former Google engineers set up new company to restart book-keeping robot Bookbot project

Through the in-house incubation of Google’s Area 120, Bookbot can take the user’s library books from the user’s home and return it to the Mountain View Library. Tracy Gray, director of library services at Mountain View, told TechCrunch that the small robot is so popular that people always like to stay and take pictures when they return books.

And this cool-sounding service is free and super easy to use. When people make an appointment on the website, the robot will automatically arrive at the designated location, put the books in through a few basic operations, and finally send them back to the library.

The person in charge said that its capacity is not very large, but used on the loan book is sufficient. This version can now carry about 10 items at a time, depending on the size of the item. You can also return the tape, DVD, etc. through it.

Mary Campione, who has lived in Mountain View for nearly 30 years, says she first saw the bookBot in FaceBook. So he wasn’t particularly surprised to see the real return robot. “We live in the center of technology, and we often see self-driving cars, robotics services at airports, and so on,” Campione said. So the robot wasn’t particularly unexpected, but it was still fun. “

Two former Google engineers ( formerly working on Bookbot and Area 120 ) Jake Stelman and Christian Bersch founded Cartken last October. Cartken’s website says its mission is to provide “low-cost delivery through automation.”