MWC cancels, Lei Jun wears masks to make new products Mobile phone industry trapped “triple door”

On the morning of February 13, MWC2020 Mobile World Mobile Was announced to be cancelled due to the outbreak of the new corona virus. GSMA CEO John Hoffman said in a statement on his official website that the GSMA had cancelled MWC2020 in view of the current safe and healthy environment in Barcelona and the host country, and that the GSMA had been unable to host the event due to global concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, travel and other concerns.

Originally published as MWC cancelled, Ray Army wearing a mask release S10, the mobile phone industry urgently needs to break through the “triple door”

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The host city Party respects and understands this decision. The GSMA and the host city will continue their efforts to host every future MWC conference.

In fact, before the GSMA announced the news, a number of manufacturers have announced their withdrawal from the show, such as Sony, LG, Nokia, Vivo, AT?amp;T, Sprint, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Facebook and other companies.

But there are Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei and other some manufacturers, will normally attend and launch new products. OPPO also issued a statement yesterday stressing its normal participation in MWC2020 and showcasing the latest technology and products.

Mobile phone industry, time and market never wait for people.

Opening the new year, is the mobile phone industry’s unspoken law. In previous years, the first wave of domestic launch conference focused on February and March, but this year’s new crown epidemic is serious, mobile phone manufacturers have turned offline launch into an online. Xiaomi 10 series online launch was held today, Black Shark, Glory, Nubian Red Devils and other enterprises have also announced at the beginning of the new productwill will be held online launch.

Although the rest of the brand has not yet revealed specific measures, but these clear action of the head manufacturers, has indicated that the online launch will become the first half of the mobile phone industry standard.

In fact, in recent years, mobile phone manufacturers online and offline two flowering play, has been common. As usual, only flagship aircraft, high-end aircraft to enjoy the treatment of a thousand people lined up large offline release, some relatively minor sideline products are either online promotion, or directly on the shelf. For example, Xiaomi’s Redmi brand’s first flagship K20 Pro’s improved version of the Pro Premium is released live online.

Uniquely, in 2018-2019, Meizu’s Meilan 6T and Meizu Note and Meizu Zero models will be launched in live online mode, and the Realme brand, which is back in China from the Indian market, will also hold an online launch in September 2019.

But under the outbreak, mobile phone companies to fight the hard war is not just an online launch, screen play tricks, throw a gimmick outside, more importantly: after playing the screen after the supply chain market changes triggered by the silent campaign.

Trapped “Triple Gate”

At present, the mobile phone industry is suffering from the “triple door”.

The outbreak “may have a relatively large impact: short-term consumption impact, supply chain synergy in the medium term, and purchasing power in the medium term.” “Little Rice Group Vice President Lu Weibing will be the “triple door” all picked out, placed on the table.

The first priority is “short-term consumption”.

The impact of short-term consumption has been initially apparent, Tianfeng Securities analyst Guo Mingyu predicted that the 2020 Spring Festival domestic mobile phone market shipments fell by about 50-60% year-on-year.

In 2019, 5G has injected fresh blood into the long-suffering mobile phone industry. China’s smartphone market decline eased in the second half of last year, with 5G commercial sons being the main drivers of the market’s recovery. On the eve of the outbreak, industry insiders generally believe that the market will continue last year’s performance in 2020, relying on the increase in the supply of 5G mobile phones to promote mobile phone replacement, so that global equipment shipments to further restore growth.

But the Black Swan event not only slowed the 2020 mobile phone industry rebound trend, 4G mobile phone sales will also lead to channels of 50-60 million mobile phone high inventory.

From the perspective of marketing, the brand’s goal of marketing is to attract consumer attention.

In the commercial war, there is a well-known Trout competitive strategy theory, that the consumer’s mind is limited, easy to remember the main, first, second or non-major brand, its memory will be significantly reduced. The mobile phone industry applies the same methodology.

Grab the first, friends business, expose the abuse… Now a smartphone industry is increasingly competitive, manufacturers technology innovation in the short term difficult to break through, and the supply chain system has been stable and mature, manufacturers rely more and more on upstream and downstream supply chain, a number of brands of some of the core hardware may come from the same supplier. This means that whoever rushes to the market will grab the consumer’s first attention.

At the same time, the first launch makes it easier for consumers to focus on breakthrough technology into brand mental strengthening, the higher the discussion, the brand will be able to in the consumer’s heart under a deeper imprint, the higher the potential purchasing power.

Moreover, in February and March there are Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, 214 Valentine’s Day, 38 Women’s Day and other festival gimmicks, originally is the best time for manufacturers to start the first shot after the year, we all want to use the new machine to promote brand exposure and sales, quickly seize market share.

But during the outbreak, we stay at home, logistics limited, user attention by the spread of the virus and “buy vegetables” and other common entertainment points to attract, this has no volume of mobile phone industry is ignored or forgotten. Therefore, relying on the online press conference to seize the opportunity to break through the “short-term consumption” of the first door is a necessary measure.

The second priority is “supply chain synergy”.

As mentioned above, the smartphone industry has developed so far, the supply chain system has been stable and mature, brands in terms of technological innovation or mass production, are very dependent on upstream and downstream supply chains.

Data show that 70% of the world’s smartphones are made in China. The outbreak is severe, with the vast majority of domestic intensive labor supply chain enterprises and related foundry affected, which to some extent affected the global smartphone supply chain and manufacturing capacity. Global smartphone shipments are projected to be 2% lower than expected in 2020 due to the chain reaction caused by the new crown, said Zhai, director of strategic services for wireless smartphones at Strategy Analytics.

Channel inventory in front, 5G commercial in the back, under the outbreak, manufacturers also face supply chain capacity and travel ban restrictions. Recently, including Foxconn, some parts suppliers and related contract enterprises have said that the cancellation of the February 10 resumption of work, when the exact time will be in accordance with local government regulations.

That means the supply of its mobile phone customers will suffer a major setback, with Mr Guo expecting domestic mobile phone shipments to fall 15 per cent to 310m-330m units for the full year. For industry front-end vendors such as Huawei, Xiaomi and OV, it will seriously slow their expansion overseas.

What’s more, it’s a big part of the fact that the current 4G transition to 5G is a blow to the loss of more than just a loss of market share, but a slight loss of market share, and they could fall out of the first tier. It’s like a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon, but the ripple effect is immeasurable.

For example, in 2009, from 2G to 3G transition period, the first generation of domestic mobile phones, waveguide, Kejian, pandas, etc. or decay or die, relying on the operator sales channels of the “China Cool Union” transformation, 2014 from 3G into the 4G era, history is repeated, Xiaomi as the representative of the emerging manufacturers led the Internet channel sales, ZTE, Cool, and Lenovo were quickly replaced after a brief stint.

All of the above shows that channels and sales can determine the future survival of mobile phone brands. From a more macro industry perspective, behind a timely online launch is the ability of enterprises to pull supply chain synergy and boost market confidence.

The third priority is “long-term purchasing power”.

Purchasing power is an economic term that refers to the important factors that make up the market and affect the size of the market, while purchasing power is constrained by the macroeconomic environment and is a reflection of the economic environment. The main factors affecting purchasing power are the real income of residents, the value of the currency, the savings and credit of consumers, and the consumption patterns of consumers.

Simply put, the longer the isolation period, the lower the real income of the residents, the weaker the consumer market, the long-term user purchasing power will be affected.

Li Nan, a former senior vice president of Meizu Technology, said that with the length of the big isolation, the real economy began to suffer a real blow. The negative impact of the economic downturn on all will become a new problem. It starts with entrepreneurs calling for pain, so whether there will be pay cuts, layoffs and closures. Whether ordinary people who have escaped the virus will soon face unemployment.

For many consumer brands, in the case of donations, solidarity has been done, should find some way to avoid the spread of the epidemic under the premise of the resumption of business.

Making full use of online publishing, soho office and other means, with new products to bring value to consumers, tax and employment, should be the most effective way to create social value of consumer brands. And similar to Xiaomi this kind of consumer goods action, not only to solve a company’s problems, but also the ability to drive the entire industrial chain. The author thinks that the industrial chain also really needs a channel to create value to release the pressure.

Recently, Xiaomi 10 announced the schedule disposition of February 13 online release, Micron Technology, Samsung, Qualcomm China, Goodix Technology, Guanyu battery and other supply chain enterprises have come forward to support this industry launch, together with Xiaomi to ensure Xiaomi 10 first, for consumers to deliver new machines in a timely manner, to further promote the popularity of 5G high-end flagship.

So at such a moment, the first launch of the year this iconic event can not be postponed or canceled, even if moved to the line to be held as scheduled.

“Live With”

New products on-line or offline release, in fact, the impact on manufacturers is not large. In the past, when holding offline press conferences, the number of fans who can go to the scene is also a small number, the vast majority of followers are still through live online video or graphics to understand the information, video platform synchronous live release is also a long time of practice.

In addition, switching to the line can save you a lot of money. General off-line launch not only to spend a large amount of money need to rent space, but also in the event site organization, operation, security, guests and other arrangements to invest a lot of human, material and financial resources. If you move online, some of the costs will be eliminated.

What really matters is how much information this online launch will ultimately send. This is in fact a test of the online marketing and innovation ability of the corporate public relations and planning team.

So, how do you make an online launch?

Before we answer this question, let’s imagine sitting in front of the screen watching a press conference, and isn’t it familiar for the big wigs in front of the camera to share the pre-sale while introducing the details of the product?

This is in fact the current popular “live tape”, the host details the product and attracts users to buy. So, the mobile phone launch can be prepared as a “bring in” live broadcast. In addition to consumers can see the product, but also to compare who boss with strong shipping capacity. The idea is good enough, the last few hot search is no problem.

Similar to Li Jiaxuan and Weiya, Huawei’s “Yu Dazu” Yu Chengdong, Zhao Ming, Xiaomi “induction cooker” combination – ChangCheng, Lu Weibing, former Meizu Technology Vice President Li Nan, OnePlus Liu Zuhu, “Crosstalk Master” Luo Yonghao and other industry tycoons, have their own characteristics and fan groups.

As usual, these people online press conference is also the gold sentence frequency, such as “birthday look light, do not accept dry”, “friction on the ground”, “I do not speak very modest”, “steady”, “tough life does not need to explain” and so on, taunting skills are ready to start.

The only difference these days is that these companies are at the helm of the world to the face of the live audience to the direct-to-air live cameras.

Before today’s Xiaomi 10 launch broadcast, Lu Weibing said that the pure network launch is too challenging for the speaker, lack of atmosphere and interaction, the speaker has a lot of difficulty in speaking. To this end, Xiaomi live also added “artificial applause” to ease the embarrassment.

Opening LeiJun wearing a mask to attend, he said: “This is a special situation, so I wear a mask on the court, but for the effect, a moment will be off the mask off, today’s press conference site few people, will ask the sound engineer to join some applause effect.” “

Speaking of the Hubei epidemic, Lei Jun once choked, he said, life can be affected by the epidemic, but we must not be defeated by the epidemic, hope wuhan epidemic end, go to Wuda to see cherry blossoms, eat hot dry noodles.

In addition, the audience expanded, ordinary consumers and the past scene of professional media, practitioners, die-hard powder is different, they may not understand those running points, data, so the release of this-style products is obviously inappropriate.

Perhaps manufacturers should, as netizens and media friends suggest: fade the “hard core” of technology products, weaken parameters and terminology, in a popular and interesting way to explain. People may buy more.