Windows 7 can still receive security updates after January 14

Although Microsoft has terminated Windows 7 technical support for public users on January 14, 2020, there are still a significant number of users in the enterprise and the company has a paid Extended Security Update (ESU) program. Therefore, in theory, we can still continue to receive subsequent security updates from Microsoft through some special technical means.

Windows 7 can still receive security updates after January 14

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If you follow Microsoft’s recommendations, expired Windows 7 users should upgrade to the Windows 8.1/Windows 10 operating system to continue to receive microsoft-provided feature updates and security.

But just as Windows XP ended support that year, Windows 7 legacy devices were so large that many people didn’t want to upgrade to a more modern operating system. What if you want to continue receiving extended security updates at this point?

It is reported that in the first year after Windows 7 ended support, businesses can pay a unit price of $25 for an Extended Security Update (ESU) for each old device running the Windows 7 operating system.

The price doubles in the second year ($50) and continues to increase to $100 in the third year …

Such a value-added charging model clearly does not apply to home users, as officials do not offer any options to continue running Windows 7 safely.

Fortunately, someone on the network is teaching ways to bypass restrictions so that any Windows 7 device has access to Microsoft’s ESU project.

As it turns out, the February 2020 patch Tuesday will mark a milestone in the work of cracking. Technical means, the system is still working, and all updates can be made on the device.

In other words, the update will still appear normally on Windows Update, allowing users to fix known vulnerabilities as they did before the deadline (January 14).

Of course, Microsoft does not rule out blocking the hack at some point in the future. As for how the event will evolve, please also wait patiently for the Tuesday patch for March 2020 (released on March 10).