U.S. uses high-tech to kill Asian carp, plans to sell fish to Asian countries

Recently, according tomedia reports, the United States Kentucky Asian carp flooding, the government has invested heavily to solve the problem, but the results have been quite small. Recently, the Kentucky Bureau of State will join other organizations in preparing to use technology to beat up the carp net.

Reported that the invasion of Asian carp has plagued the U.S. government for 15 years, during which time completely disrupted the Mississippi River, as well as other tributaries around the ecological system. Since 2004, state and federal commissioners have spent nearly $607 million to address the problem, and are expected to spend $1.5 billion over the next decade.

Ron Brooks, of the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Service, said: “Because these carp are so strong, they have seriously affected the local ecological environment, and we will join forces with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Several other states, such as Tennessee, have come to hunt the Asian carp in large numbers. “

It is understood that the Wildlife Service uses sonic boats and electric wave fishing boats, using electronic sound pulses, to drive carp to their pre-set underwater nets. So far, commercial fishing alone has caught about 3,000 tons of carp.

“Our mission is to capture, utilize and innovate the use of Asian carp, and we mainly hoard fish heads, fish bodies, and sell them to the Asian market,” said Angie Yu of The Two Rivers Fisheries. Other ways to consume the fish, such as making fish cakes, fish dumplings, fish custards, or Mexican rolls, are also developed. “

U.S. uses high-tech to kill Asian carp, plans to sell fish to Asian countries