Users report cracks in Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 screen

Microsoft unveiled The Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 at its annual Surface event in October 2019. The new Surface is Microsoft’s first laptop offering both Intel and AMD processor options.

But according to various forum posts, Surface Laptop 3 appears to have a design flaw. Some Surface Laptop 3 users were surprised to see a thin line crack on the screen because they didn’t let the laptop drop or violently damage the screen, some found a crack after the open-box setup, and some found cracks after three days of use, the user said. Microsoft offered $794 to let users change screens.

Microsoft did not respond to the complaints, but some speculated that it may have been caused by the aluminum fuselage. As one user pointed out: “When I close the screen, I can see that the starting point of the crack is at the edge of the aluminum border.” “But because Microsoft technical support classifies these cracks as physical damage, the standard warranty does not include such damage, making it difficult for users to get replacement products.” Unless Microsoft personally investigates these laptops, it cannot verify the issues that users are reporting.

Users report cracks in Microsoft's Surface Laptop 3 screen