Not just the iPhone 12 this year’s iPad Pro also supports 5G networks

Apple is widely expected to launch its first 5G-enabled iPhone flagship this year, and there are even rumours that the iPhone 12 is fully standard with a 5G network. But the iPhone 12 series isn’t the only device that supports 5G networks, citingmedia reports that the next generation of iPad Pro will also add support for 5G networks.

Not just the iPhone 12 this year's iPad Pro also supports 5G networks

The news comes from DigiTimes, which provides the latest news about Apple through supply chain channels, but not 100 percent accurately. Apple plans to supply the 5nm A14 chip for the 2020 iPhone and iPad, equipped with Qualcomm’s SnapDragonX55 5G modem, which can support both mmWave and sub-6GHz technology, the report said.

The former is a 5G network version that provides faster speed over a short distance, so the area covered is not very wide. The sub-6GHz is also a 5G technology, a slower 5G standard covering both suburban and rural areas. Apple has never been a taster of new technology, often waiting for it to mature before it is brought to market. The first iPhone, for example, doesn’t support 3G, and when LTE first launched a few years ago, it wasn’t in a hurry to provide 4G support.

The first report by Digitimes said that both the iPhone 12 and the iPad Pro would be released in September, while the second reported only that the 5G iPad Pro would arrive in the second half of this year. In addition, the Augmented Reality (AR) Flight Time (ToF) 3D camera will be included in all 5G iPhones and iPads to be launched this year.