New coronavirus isolated from feces, experts say there’s no need to be overly nervous about it.

13, with the number of new confirmed cases in Hubei is equally interesting, there are two such news. Zhong Nanshan and Li Lanxuan’s team recently isolated a new type of coronavirus from the feces samples of patients with new coronary pneumonia. What does that mean? Is there a new way for the virus to spread? How can ordinary people protect?

New coronavirus isolated from feces, experts say there's no need to be overly nervous about it.

According to reports, at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Guangdong, Professor Zhao Jinxuan, expert of Zhong nanshan academician team and deputy director of the National Key Laboratory for Respiratory Diseases of Guangzhou Medical University, said that the laboratory cooperated with the Biosecurity Level III Laboratory of Guangzhou Customs Technology Center and the Fifth Hospital affiliated with Zhongshan University. A new coronavirus was isolated from a fecal swab sample in a patient with new coronary pneumonia. The sample was provided by Sun Yat-sen University Affiliated Fifth Hospital, and the laboratory successfully isolated a new coronavirus strain from Vero E6 cells by inoculating samples and passing them through a variety of cell lines.

At the same time, The team of academician Li Lanxuan of Zhejiang University’s National Key Laboratory for Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Treatment also isolated the virus from patient stool samples. Professor Wu Nanping, deputy director of the laboratory, said the researchers isolated three new coronavirus espresso samples from five stool samples, and were also observed in isolated cells, where the virus was confirmed after testing and routine blind transmission and re-specimen separation.

“From the above two messages can be seen that the presence of viruses in the feces is more certain, but this is only a new source of infection, it is not possible to say that the new coronavirus has a new way of transmission. On the evening of the 13th, Professor Zhao Wei, director of the tertiary biosecurity laboratory at Southern Medical University, told Science and Technology Daily.

Zhao Wei was involved in the fight against SARS in 2003. He told reporters that during the SARS period, the SARS virus was also detected in the sewer pipe of Hong Kong’s Taobao Garden, but the presence of SARS has not been confirmed.

Zhao Wei introduced, the so-called feces mouth transmission is the transmission of the digestive tract, refers to bacteria, viruses and other pathogens through the feces excreted outside contaminated food, water or food, susceptible to eating when the pathogen through the mouth into the digestive tract and infect edifice. The presence of pathogens in the feces can only indicate the presence of an infection in the digestive tract, which cannot be proved to be transmitted through the digestive tract.

“The detection of the virus in the feces does not mean that the route of transmission of the virus has changed, and is still dominated by respiratory and contact transmission, but there are new and noteworthy problems in the prevention and treatment of new coronaviruses. Zhao Wei said, for example, when flushing the toilet, the virus in the feces may spread in the air, if inhaled, may cause infection. Especially in rural areas, many toilets do not have a water system, the risk of exposure is greater.

Zhao Wei stressed that this is ordinary people’s home life, the impact is not significant, as long as there is no source of infection around, do not need to make any changes. However, the feces of isolated areas and hospital patients may need to be strengthened, after special treatment and discharge into public sewage systems.

Zhao Jinxuan also said that the presence of live new coronavirus in the patient’s feces is a phenomenon, suggesting that the spread of the new coronavirus may have new ways, such as the existence of “feces – mouth” “dung – breathing” possibility, but whether it will cause human-to-human transmission, further research. But this study on national epidemic prevention and control related measures, to find potential outbreak transmission points, may play a role in promoting and improving.

“The condition was discovered in the laboratory and epidemiologists needed to investigate further to determine whether there was a strong infectious nature that was still pending further investigation and scientific research. Whether the virus in the feces is swallowed or the proliferation of intestinal cells, as well as the relationship with blood, sputum, and the development of disease, etc. need to be confirmed by further research. Wu Nanping said.

In Zhao Wei’s view, this discovery is only a reminder of the presence of viruses in the feces, but not infectious, resulting in susceptible people infected, but also to see the number of viruses in the feces. If the quantity is small, the ability to spread is limited when other domestic sewage is diluted in the sewers. As to whether the patient in the onset of feces with poison and the number of viruses, also need to be studied in depth.

“The general public may not have to be overly nervous or panic, the way of protection with the previous also did not change much, must wear a good mask, hand washing, frequent disinfection, food cooked and then eat, avoid concentrated social activities, pay attention to personal and family hygiene, pay attention to the smooth sewer and necessary disinfection.” Zhao Wei said.