Japan’s 10 Shinkansen trains scrapped due to typhoon flooding lost nearly 1 billion yuan

According to Japanese media reports, the East Japan Railway Company President Satoshi Shimazawa said at a press conference on the 26th, in last month’s typhoon “Haibeth” hit Japan when the 10 Shinkansen trains severely submerged will be scrapped, the loss may be as high as 14.8 billion yen (about 950 million yuan). Mr. Sae-wasaid, under the influence of Haibeth, there are 10 trains flooded on the Beilu Shinkansen.

日本10列因台风浸水新干线列车全部报废 损失近10亿元

Although some train parts are still available, new trains should be rebuilt, taking into account the stability, safety and maintenance costs of the trains.

Mr. Seze said that the Shinkansen in the North Land region would be fully restored as soon as possible. It is reported that there are currently two Shinkansen trains in the North Land region to join the operation, the end of November will be added a new E7 series Shinkansen train, next March will be added three new cars.

Strong typhoon Haibeth made landfall in Japan on the evening of October 12. As a result, on October 13th the Chiquchuan Dam in Nagano Prefecture burst its banks and the 10 Shinkansen trains parked at the Nagano Shinkansen Vehicle Center were severely flooded. The 10 trains account for one-third of the total number of Shinkansen trains in Japan’s Northern Land region, which has been affected by the operation of the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kanazawa.

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