Google may soon introduce The Caption Live Subtitles feature to Chrome

Google, the search giant, has made great strides in artificial intelligence in recent years. While many people have privacy concerns about Duplex AI calls and Call Screening Call Caller Filtering, apps such as Google’s Smart Assistant have become the daily favorite for many users. At first, there was speculation that Google was just a flashy technology. What I didn’t expect was that some features would soon be rolled out to pixel smartphones — like Chrome.

Google may soon introduce The Caption Live Subtitles feature to Chrome

(Image via Slash Gear)

Live Caption is one of two accessibility features introduced for the Pixel smartphone when Google released Android 10.

In short, it transcribes videos in real time to display subtitles, which is great for all apps. In addition to the hearing impaired, ordinary people can also use it in a noisy or very private environment.

Of course, people don’t just watch videos on mobile phones. To benefit more users watching online video through a PC browser, Google may soon introduce this feature to Chrome.

Chrome Unboxed discovered a source modification on Chromium, indicating that Google developers are working to introduce the feature to a browser (or at least the Chrome OS platform).

The description specifically mentions adding speech recognition to the device, which is required for a fast real-time captioning system to function properly. It is not known when it will go live.