A U.S. cable production company’s phone was “exploded” after being “hit” by a virus.

According tomedia reports, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the new coronavirus-induced disease named COVID-19, and coincidentally, a U.S. company also called CoVID. Reported that the “crash” led to Covid’s headquarters received numerous phone calls, but the company’s head said there were no plans to change the company’s name.

(Original title: Phone with virus “crash” a U.S. cable production company phone was “exploded”)

Infographic: COVID Corporation, USA. Photo: COVID’s official website screenshot

According to reports, the United States, Arizona Covid company has been founded for 40 years, mainly the production of audio-visual wall panels, cables and other equipment. Norm Carson, the company’s chief executive, said in an interview that he was shocked to learn that his company’s name had been “hit” by the new crown, when he was in Amsterdam for an exhibition.

“It’s a bit surreal,” Carson said, referring to his colleagues at his U.S. headquarters, who were called by a lot of strangers today, and colleagues at the company were talking about whether COVID sounds a bit like CROW.

Carson said he actually started the company with “Vid Co.” When the company name, but this name has been used, is changed to “COVID”.

As for whether the company will be renamed in the future, Carson said that while “no one would want to have their name tied to the global epidemic”, their company is old-fashioned, customers are mostly repeat customers, he does not think anyone will mix, or think the cable company will be related to the virus, so there are no plans to change the name.