NVIDIA CEO Renxun Huang explains why CPUs are getting more expensive

Do you feel that CPU processors are getting more and more expensive? Historically, the more expensive the high-end CPU is, the more both AMD and Intel are (the price is another matter). Why is this happening? This does not need AMD or Intel to come out to explain, NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun to give you the science.

NVIDIA CEO Renxun Huang explains why CPUs are getting more expensive

At a recent earnings conference, NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun compared the development of CPU and GPU chips, pointing out that THE CPU’s single-core performance has been slowing for a long time, in order to improve performance by increasing the area of transistors, which will undoubtedly increase costs, as well as increased power consumption.

But GPUs are different, gpu performance has been able to maintain linear growth in recent years, and it can still improve computing performance significantly compared to the steady trend of performance growth.

In short, Lao Huang thinks that the CPU processor of fixed function units has little prospect, and the GPU is more worth investing in because it is more flexible.

PS: Considering NVIDIA’s main products, the old Yellow Singing Decay CPU is obviously not a surprise, but over the past few years the development of CPU single-core performance has indeed encountered a bottleneck, and now both are struggling with the core, which obviously also increases costs and power consumption.