SoftBank to provide about 2,000 iPhones for the Diamond Princess isolated passengers and crew

The crew and passengers of the Diamond Princess are being quarantined and quarantined because of the coronavirus outbreak,media outlet AppleInsider reported. Now SoftBank will provide about 2,000 iPhones to the crew and passengers on the cruise ship to get information and conduct online medical consultations.

SoftBank to provide about 2,000 iPhones for the Diamond Princess isolated passengers and crew

SoftBank will offer about 2,000 iPhones with a new medical consulting app, with each cabin or crew room sharing a phone.

The cruise ship is currently moored off the coast of Yokohama, Japan. According to the Japanese website Macotakara, passengers are using the chat function of the medical consultation app to communicate with their doctor.

“You can visit a special app from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Chat and ask about the drug or any other questions that might be relevant to you,” says Danbo. The app will also book a consultation meeting with a doctor. “

The Diamond Princess originally left Yokohama Port on 20 January and its voyage is scheduled to end on 4 February. However, an 80-year-old man disembarking in Hong Kong has since been diagnosed with the coronavirus. As a result, the ship was subsequently denied a stop at ports in Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Guam and Taiwan. The number of passengers on the Diamond Princess was 2,666 and the crew was 1,045. As of 14 February, only 700 people on board were said to have been tested for the virus, 218 of whom had been diagnosed with the virus.

The Japanese government gave the iPhone to passengers instead of simply lending them, the Guardian reported. There were no immediate reports of passengers or crew members dying from the coronavirus. There have also been reports that the Japanese government may allow some older passengers to disembark.