Former chief chip designer sued for breach of contract says Apple ‘kills innovation in new technology’

Gerard Williams III, a former iPhone chip designer, left Apple in February 2019 to start a new company called Nuvia with other Apple developers, according tomedia. Williams was later sued by Apple for breach of contract. Gerard, a former chief chip designer at Apple, is working on the development of the A7-A12X chips used by Apple in its mobile devices, while his new company develops processors for data centers.

Former chief chip designer sued for breach of contract says Apple 'kills innovation in new technology'

Apple sued Williams for the first time in August 2019, claiming that the contract with The Company prevented him from engaging in business activities directly related to Apple’s business. Since then, Williams has claimed that Apple violated his privacy and monitored his text messages, while Apple has complained that Williams had been planning and developing Nuvia while he was still at Apple and was recruiting Apple employees.

In January, Williams tried unsuccessfully to get Apple’s lawsuit against him to be dismissed by the court. Now he claims that Apple has hired engineers from Nuvia.

According to Bloomberg, Williams said Apple’s goal is to lure its employees out of the workforce while also preventing its own employees from leaving to pursue their own businesses, Bloomberg reported. He claimed that Apple’s lawsuit against him for breach of contract was aimed at “killing new technologies and solutions created by new companies and undermining entrepreneurs’ freedom to seek a fuller job.”

He went on to accuse Apple of inappropriately preventing employees from “even making preliminary, legally protected preparations to build new businesses, whether competitive or otherwise”.

There is no word yet on whether the case will continue. A judge has now rejected Apple’s offer of punitive damages against Williams because it failed to show how he was unfaithful to intentionally harming the company.