Foreign media say the iPhone 12 antenna was designed by Apple because of dissatisfaction with Qualcomm’s plan

For mobile phone manufacturers, 5G mobile phone in the design than 4G more difficult, after all, the internal space of inch gold, to be arranged more antennas, but also to eliminate the components of each other’s signal interference. According to the latestmedia reports, Apple may be the iPhone 12 antenna for its own design, mainly Qualcomm’s QTM 525 5G mmwave antenna module did not make them satisfied, and if the alternative, then the iPhone 12 design to be forced to modify, the thickness of the body is apple can not accept.

Media say the iPhone 12 antenna was designed by Apple because of dissatisfaction with Qualcomm's plan

Of course, for Apple, the first time to do 5G mobile phone, want to design the perfect antenna, there is still a high degree of difficulty, after all, this experience is lacking, more critical is the strength of the 5G mobile phone signal, completely dependent on the antenna, so this design is particularly important.

Some analysts worry that if the iPhone 12 is fitted with Apple’s own antenna module, even Qualcomm’s 5G baseband may not be very satisfied with its signal, which is the biggest slot of recent generations of iPhones.

Apple is understood to be planning to release its first 5G-enabled iPhone and iPad Pro model in the second half of 2020, which means it will start to develop 5G and try to gain a bigger share of the sector.

The devices will be equipped with a 5nm-based A14 chip (the iPad Pro is expected to carry the A14X) to support a combination of mmWave and below 6GHz frequencies, according to the report. Apple’s 5G iPhone is expected to use the SnapDragon X55 modem, though the report does not mention which modem the 5G iPad Pro will use, most likely samsung and MediaTek.