The PS5 doesn’t seem to be the only new hardware developed by PlayStation

According tomedia reports, it appears that Sony PlayStation recently not only has plans to launch the PS5, but also a device – the PlayStation VR headgear seems to be in the development plan. Bloomberg reports: “In addition, Sony plans to launch a new PlayStation VR virtual reality headset on an attempt after the PlayStation launch.” “

In fact, this is not the first time people have heard psVR news since the PS4 went on sale. In April last year, Mark Cerny, the company’s chief systems designer, confirmed that the original PSVR headgear would be compatible with the PS5, adding that VR was “very important” to Sony’s future. Given that Sony has already sold more than 5 million PSVPs worldwide, the launch of the next generation seems inevitable. For now, Bloomberg’s report is only up to official confirmation.

The PS5 doesn't seem to be the only new hardware developed by PlayStation

While Sony hasn’t said much about the future of VR on its home consoles, a patent that was discovered later in 2019 could give people a first look at its hardware. The patent describes a system that uses a spherical device with a stereoscopic camera and a headset to allow two people to communicate in VR. When a user wears a hood, they receive audio and visual feedback in real time from the camera and microphone on the spherical device. In addition, the spherical device can also reflect the movement of the wearer.