Microsoft may offer “gamepad” for Surface Neo keyboard accessories

Microsoft’s Duo Surface and Surface Neo dual-screen devices have become more real with recent developer activity, while raising interest in the platform’s potential in a variety of scenarios,media reported. Patently Mobile took the opportunity to study microsoft’s recent lycinating patent for a Surface Neo for wireless keyboard components.

As you can see, when Surface Neo is configured in a notebook, the wireless keyboard is placed under the screen and is fixed in place by “calibration components” (i.e. AA140 and AA142 in the picture) — most likely magnets.

One of the interesting things about this is that the input device, s102, can be transformed into a touchpad or game controller in some scenes, and so on.

With Microsoft’s xCloud project, the device’s ability is certainly no longer just a limitation on the quality of the game, which means that even low-power devices like Surface Neo can play high-end games.