“Drug Lord: Mexico”: Built for viewers who want to see the war on drugs last forever

According tomedia reports, “The Drug Lord” is a criminal drama based on pablo Escobar’s prototype. The series revolves around its thrilling life and death for two seasons. Although Escobar is dead, Netflix plans to continue the series. The third season follows another Colombian drug cartel.

Then, a spin-off called “The Drug Lord: Mexico” was born, and the story moved to Central America, moving back to the 1980s.

The play tells the story of how the cool, bold, clear-headed, loyal to his family and friends, Felix Gallardo (Diego Luna), unites the scattered drug traffickers to become a drug lord. Drug Enforcement Administration agent Kiki Camarena (played by Michael Pena) moved from California with his wife and children to Guadalajara, but to his surprise, the anti-drug war here was so dangerous that tragedy occurred.

Despite the excitement of the spin-off, the audience is a little more or less aesthetically tired of it. Even so, Netflix won’t give up on the hit series.

To tell you the truth, the story of the Drug Lord universe is not complicated, but it allows different stories to connect through the clever processing of the screenwriters. In the middle of the first season of “Mexico,” for example, Gallardo left his country for South America for a secret meeting with Pablo Escobar.

“Game of Thrones” producer Eric Newman said in an interview shortly after the first season premiere of “Mexico” in 2018: “I’ve always thought it was a magical world of superheroes, where drug cartels collude, and they all coexist.” “And that’s how the drug lord continues, if it wants to keep making it.”