What would iOS 14 look like? Take a look at this concept video

Foreign media reported that while iOS 13 is theoretically an exciting system update, there are some confusing things in practice. After failing to release a stable beta, Apple was forced to speed up the iOS 13.1 upgrade days after the iOS 13 release. Over the next few weeks, users have been experiencing problems, one of which is annoying RAM management issues that cause the app to reset while running in the background.

iOS 14会是什么样?不妨来看看这段概念视频

What perhaps all users can do is wait patiently for next year’s iOS 14. So what exactly will the next version look like? Here’s a look at the video available on youTuber Channel Hacker 34.

Perhaps many of the concepts presented in the video are odd and may not be taken seriously, but in reality everything can become part of iOS 14. For example, a large number of icon updates, after all, it is a long time since Apple last updated the icon.

In addition, the concept video also proposed the built-in keyboard gif, iPad split-screen view finally came to the iPhone, drag-and-drop function, multi-account support, set the default app and so on.

For most iPhone users, all of these are welcome new features, and there seems to be nothing out of reach. Impossible to achieve.

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